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This web site provides information to both the public at-large and to ex-Norvergence customers regarding the proposed group legal action against the leasing companies to whom Norvergence sold their rental agreements. This action is undertaken by Weir & Partners and Robert D. Greenbaum & Associates on behalf of those ex-Norvergence customers who wish to participate.

If you have already joined the suit, please click the link for your attorney on the top right of the page, then log in to you Client Site from there to receive the latest news and updates. Remember, only clients whose leaseholder is either ILC or FirstLease are represented by Robert D. Greenbaum & Associates - all others are represented by Weir & Partners.

To learn more about the group legal action, please read our FAQ.

For all Lease Holders except ILC, FirstLease or PFG

  For Information Leasing Corp., FirstLease or PFG 


If you have signed on as a client of Weir & Partners LLP or Robert D. Greenbaum Associates, LLC, pursuant to the engagement letter you signed you must have an e-mail address so that you can be reached by either firm in the event information or a signature is needed (or for some other reason) AND so that you can access the secure areas of this website.

All notices to you from this point forward will either be sent by e-mail OR posted on the secure areas of this website. You are responsible for checking your e-mail daily and the secure area of this website daily.

If we send a notice by e-mail to you and you do not receive it because you have failed or refused to provide us with an e-mail address, or we post the notice on the website and you do not see it because you do not visit the site often enough, you may lose or waive important rights. We are proceeding with this action in court very soon and we want you to be especially alert.

Please act immediately to assure that your e-mail address is on record with us, that you can access the secure area of the website, and that the information we have with regard to you as contained on this website is complete and accurate.

This is the final notice!


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